Bowl Game Overdose Can Send Sports Marketers ‘Back To School’

As a marketing researcher, part of what intrigues me about my job is that I get to observe, first hand, what makes all walks of people tick. And with that comes an appreciation that the rest of the country is attitudinally a lot different than the circles we interact with in large bi-coastal markets. But as much enjoyment as I’ve gotten spending time in places like Wentzville, Missouri and Montgomery, Alabama, it has been over the past year or so that I’ve really begun to understand the passion that so many outside of New York, have for NCAA football. And not to commit the marketing researcher’s cardinal sin of allowing one’s own opinions to be surrogate for that of representative samples, my college pigskin metamorphosis that led me to watch all or parts of 20+ bowl games over the past few weeks, reinforces some fundamental sports marketing truths we can all learn from.