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Over the past seven plus years as Golf Digest Publications’ Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Research and Brand Development, I’ve seen the good and the bad when it comes to insight driven marketing assessment and strategy. It has always been a desire to take the best of breed approaches and meld them into a different type of marketing consultancy. It’s with a clear focus on that singular objective, that I’ve formed SPORTS & LEISURE RESEARCH GROUP!

Jon Last
Sports & Leisure Research Group
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The principals of Sports & Leisure Research Group combine an acute knowledge of the sports, travel and leisure markets with a classically grounded approach to marketing research. We’re a unique agency tapping into the expertise of three national Marketing Research Association (MRA) Presidents and a collective 100+ years of market experience. We focus on a thorough understanding of market dynamics through cutting edge research and measurement methodologies and then leverage these findings into actionable strategies that help clients to exploit market opportunities.

We take a more creative and strategic approach to advertising research, product development testing, target market analysis and brand assessment tracking. Our deep roots in the industries we serve and in the marketing research profession, enable us to dive into the most complex marketing challenges and design the most cost effective, cutting edge and impactful approaches towards solving them in the following markets:

Sporting goods
Professional Sports
Sports marketing, Sponsorship and ROI assessment
Magazines and Media
Leisure Products
Product and Advertising Concept Testing

I’ve always valued your support and friendship throughout the years, and look forward to building upon that from this exciting new vantage point.

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