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SLRG Research Highlights New Women's Golf Advocacy Web Site

Findings from “The Right Invitation”, SPORTS & LEISURE RESEARCH GROUP's comprehensive look at the attitudes, perspectives and behaviors of over 1,700 current and lapsed women golfers and some 600 golf facility owners and operators is prominently featured on a new web site, designed to help golf facility operators achieve better economic success through the proper targeting of women golfers. The new website,, just like the study, is being funded by the Little Family Foundation. The purpose of the web site, according Arthur Little and his wife, Jann Leeming is to educate the golf industry on “best practices” for increasing play and enhancing revenue from women and families. You can read the press release, announcing the web site launch, here.. A complimentary download of key study findings, is also available here on the SPORTS & LEISURE RESEARCH GROUP's web site.
PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Helping Brands Better Assess the Return on their Venue-Based Sports Marketing Activation:

In today's marketplace, consumer facing brands are constantly looking to find the most effective and cost efficient ways to reach their target audiences. Chicago based agency, InStadium delivers innovative venue based brand activation through their deep and long-standing relationships with some 425 venues in 181 DMAs. An integral part of the award winning InStadium solution is to provide their marketing partners with custom activation effectiveness research, conducted by Sports and Leisure Research Group. Working in tandem, InStadium brand management, their clients and Sports and Leisure Research Group have deployed and completed multiple custom designed research studies that allow all of the marketing partners to better assess the elements of their sports marketing activation that are most resonant with sports fans, thus allowing greater effectiveness in future efforts. To learn more about how SLRG can design a similar custom program for your brand, contact us.


Two Recent Studies Featured in August Quirk's “Marketing Research Review”:

Two SPORTS & LEISURE RESEARCH GROUP custom studies are featured in the new issue of Quirk's Marketing Research Review. In a co-authored feature article, SLRG President Jon Last details the approach taken and results derived when ComCast's Versus network used a custom SLRG audience research study to help provide greater insight to advertisers on the outdoor/field sports market. You can see the article at or on the SPORTS & LEISURE RESEARCH GROUP's web site.

Elsewhere in the August issue, you'll find an article on the increased use of social media scans as a qualitative tool to help better understand customer/fan attitudes. Within the article, Jon Last is interviewed about Sports and Leisure Research Group's use of social media mining to shed greater light on fan attitudes towards Tiger Woods earlier this year. You can read the Quirk's piece here. More information about SLRG's social media scan capabilities and the actual case study highlighted in the article, can be found here

Media Post's Marketing: Sports Monthly Columns

Listening to AND Asking the Customer: May's posting speaks further to the insights that can be derived from social media mining. Read it here.

I Have Met the Fan/Customer and They are NOT us: In the June posting, SLRG President Jon Last calls out how sports marketers can easily fall into a trap by projecting their own values, attitudes, demographics, and behaviors on their target audiences. He provides three simple but important rules that can help you step back and hear the real voice of the customer.. Find out what they are and how to measure them, here.

What do we Charge Now?: The July Marketing: Sports suggests how despite the lingering effects of recession, too many marketers may be leaving dollars on the table by not asking the right research questions, when determining optimal pricing. SLRG President Jon Last calls out the right questions to think about, and reveals a number of research techniques that can help sports properties get to the right solution. Read more, here.

Sports and Leisure Research Group Study featured in PGA Magazine

Insights derived from the PGA of America's Golfer Portraits study, conducted by Sports and Leisure Research Group, were featured in the May issue of the official publication of the world's largest working sports organization. The research highlights revealed consumer attitudes and behaviors regarding golf lessons.. You can read the article, here.

POV: Not all Audiences are Created Equal

Several months ago, in this space, I jumped on one of my favorite soap boxes, and encouraged sports and media marketers to move beyond simply selling a product or property, and embrace the most unique sellable asset available…access to an audience. I implored you to recognize that at the end of the day, what delivers the necessary ROI or ROO, is the ability of a marketing activation to resonate with a target consumer, fully engaged in the unique environment that a particular property provides.

Why, then does it strike me that too many of us don't go far enough in providing a holistic profile of that audience, that can add significant value to a marketing relationship? From our vantage point, it confounds me that too many of us rely, sometimes exclusively, on reach and frequency, while stopping short of assessing potential engagement levels and appropriate audience fit. READ MORE»

SLRG's Last among featured speakers at Fall Golf, Inc Conference

Sports and Leisure Research Group President Jon Last will be among the many distinguished industry speakers at the upcoming Golf, Inc. Conference scheduled for October 4-6 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Last will participate in the panel discussion, “Trends that will Shape Golf in the Decade”, scheduled for Tuesday October 5th at noon. For more information and registration information, visit the official conference website at

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