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SLRG Research Featured in Wall Street Journal
Study Summary Available For Complimentary Download

Findings from “The Right Invitation”, SPORTS & LEISURE RESEARCH GROUP's comprehensive look at the attitudes, perspectives and behaviors of over 1,700 current and lapsed women golfers and some 600 golf facility owners and operators, was the topic of John Paul Newport's March 27 column. The study looked at ways in which golf facility operators and the industry as a whole can increase women's participation and satisfaction in golf. It derived a “recipe” for how facilities can take specific action steps that the study showed can lead to meaningful revenue increases. You can read the Wall Street Journal piece here. A complimentary download of key study findings, is also available here on the SPORTS & LEISURE RESEARCH GROUP's web site.


MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA Research Panel Highlighted in NY MRA “Chapter Matters”

  SPORTS & LEISURE RESEARCH GROUP President Jon Last moderated a recent panel discussion with the research directors of the four largest professional sports leagues---Major League Baseball, the NFL, NHL and NBA, sponsored by the New York city chapters of AAPOR and MRA. Highlights from the discussion were chronicled in this recent article.

Engage Fans with A New Kind of Community

In SLRG President Jon Last's April posting, a case, drawn from recent consumer research, is made for sports marketers to consider new requirements for fan engagement to include delivery of a welcoming and consistent experience that pays homage to family-centric values. Read it here.

The Lamp Post Revisited

March's post speaks to the three most important things that marketers should think about when measuring or justifying sponsorship ROI. Find out what they are and how to measure them, here.

Sports and Leisure Research Group Travel Industry Case Study featured in “Big Book of Marketing”


Georgetown University Professor Anthony Bennett's new book, subtitled “Lessons and Best Practices from the World's Greatest Companies”, was recently released by McGraw Hill. Chapter five features a travel industry case study by SPORTS & LEISURE RESEARCH GROUP. You can read the case study, here.

To order a copy of Professor Bennett's book, please contact SLRG, or McGraw Hill special markets division.

Activate, E-Magazine


SLRG research on the golfer mindset in 2010 and its implications for golf facility operators is highlighted in this feature story from the March 2010 issue.

Need to Know what your target customers think? The SLRG Summer Sports Omnibus is the quickest and most cost effective way to find out

Clients and friends of SPORTS & LEISURE RESEARCH GROUP looking for a quick and cost effective read on the opinions and attitudes of 1,000 sports fans and participants can take advantage of our upcoming Summer omnibus study. This semi-annual tracking study has quickly become a relied upon barometer for the dynamic mindset of today's sports consumer on topics as diverse as fan perspectives on the “celebritization” of athletes to instant replay usage in baseball. Previous omnibus study summaries are available on the SLRG website. Those interested in placing questions in the upcoming study should contact us directly.

POV and COMPLIMENTARY DOWNLOAD: Using Social Media Measurement to Gauge Consumer Opinion-New Observational Research adds breadth to prior thinking on golf's greatest player

From November until just recently, singular yet disparate topics seemed to dominate much of the conversation surrounding two of my favorite topics, golf and marketing research. To the former, it seemed like everyone that I ran across either had an opinion on Tiger Woods or wanted to know mine. In the research world, the chatter abuzz was all about the potential for social media to become a reliable qualitative barometer for people's opinions and attitudes.

The team at Sports and Leisure Research Group decided to meld these two topics together. Utilizing some of the latest methodologies available to cull and analyze online conversations, we sought to track the magnitude and tonality of web conversation and opinion about Tiger Woods and see if it was consistent with attitudinal research that was part of our winter 2010 omnibus study. Recall that in the winter omnibus a national sample of nearly 1,000 golfers largely agreed that the rancor regarding the transgressions of golf's greatest player would dissipate significantly by the summer months. Our research tracked and analyzed online postings across over 1,100 different and relevant web sites from January of 2009 through mid March of 2010, right after Woods' public statement in February.

As one might expect, the level and tonality of buzz regarding the matter, was at its peak immediately after Tiger's November accident. But it quickly and precipitously dropped in the first month of the new year, spiking again, though at nowhere near the level of November, around his mid February statement. By March, the level of online conversation was back to pre-“scandal” levels. While such analysis is not as representative as a well designed quantitative attitudinal study, it does yield strong directional insights and provides breadth to our earlier findings. Further, SLRG's expertise includes the ability to measure not only the magnitude of the conversation, but the intensity of discussion surrounding key topics. For additional charts and illustrations of our findings surrounding the Woods' story, click here for a further look. To learn more about how we can utilize a similar analysis to measure the conversation around your brand, contact us.
SLRG's Last Addresses EWGA; Golf, Inc Conferences; Participates In Wharton Sports Business Initiative Advisory Group:

On April 8 at the annual EWGA Conference in Pinehurst, North Carolina, SPORTS & LEISURE RESEARCH GROUP President Jon Last joined other industry experts as part of a general session, “Looking Inside Golf's Crystal Ball”. Jon shared recent SLRG research findings on the women's golf market, and the overall golfer mindset heading into the Spring season.

On April 12, at the Golf, Inc. Conference in Amelia Island, FL, Last joined Global Golf Advisors' Principal Henry DeLozier and Arnold Palmer Course Design Company EVP Erik Larson to address “Keys to Successful Golf Development in this Economy”. The panel discussion revolved around trends and consumer attitudes impacting the amenity golf market.

April 22, Last joined with over twenty other Wharton alumni sports industry leaders for the Wharton Sports Business Initiative Advisory Meeting in Philadelphia. The day's agenda included lively panelist discussion as well as faculty presentations ranging from research on the investment behavior of sports team owners to the impact of Title IX on female athletes.
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