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Complimentary Downloads: SLRG White Papers on Advertising Testing and Sports Marketing Return On Objectives/ROI


A Fresh Look At Advertising Effectiveness Research

SLRG is often called upon to evaluate the efficacy of print, television and online advertising for clients in the sporting goods, media and travel industries. This whitepaper outlines the methodological departure point from which our firm looks to conduct this research on an adhoc or continuous basis. Contact us to find out more about how we can maximize the impact of your marketing messaging by testing against your target audience. We've also used such an approach to allow brands and media to compare and contrast the impact and resonance of their advertising in context with that of their direct competitors. Read it here


Measure Sports Marketing Impact...Not Just Eyeballs

Too often, sports marketing activation is unfairly compared to other media mix elements, strictly on reach, without factoring in the ability of each medium to resonate with target audiences. In this whitepaper, the SLRG team provides thought starters and a methodological framework for conducting ROO analysis that not only measures impact, but provides insightful direction on how to create even more effective sports marketing initiatives in the future. Read it here

Conference Report:

Last to Address PGA Fall Expo

Sports and Leisure Research Group President Jon Last will join with EWGA CEO Pam Swensen at this year's PGA Fall Expo to provide a solid recipe for golf facility operators looking to grow profitability by initiating women friendly best practices. The seminar, "Women: Actions to Grow Facility Profitability" will take place at the Venetian in Las Vegas at 2:30pm on Tuesday August 21. The presentation will provide tangible strategies and supporting evidence from recent SLRG research. For more information on the session and the Expo, visit

Recent SLRG Research Of Interest:

SLRG Research Takes an Objective Look at Retail Brand Strength Across Multiple Competitive Markets

As the economy continues to be challenged, retailers need to deliver a mix of appropriate customer service, compelling visual merchandising, comprehensive product assortment and a differentiated brand. The right combination of these elements can vary regionally and presents opportunities for those who take the time to assess the behaviors and perceptions of their own customers and those who prefer competitive retailers. SLRG recently completed a comprehensive study with a highly targeted mix of current and prospective customers for a leading multi-unit sporting goods retailer. As part of a continuing series of such research, the SLRG team was able to uncover trends and variations over time and across markets. Such an approach can be instrumental in determining appropriate marketing messaging and operational emphasis and how they may vary regionally. Let us know how we can help optimize your retail effectiveness. Contact us

Applying Qualitative Techniques into a Quantitative Approach: Personifying Travel Destination Brands

A leading travel destination recently partnered with SLRG to gain insight into how the brand is perceived by a diverse target market in context with competitive destinations. An integral part of the brand assessment evoked the frequently deployed qualitative research technique where a respondent is forced to classify several destinations by a series of metaphorical descriptors. However, the client wanted to project this across a quantitatively projectable sample. SLRG's technical team developed a unique means to replicate qualitative brand sort and personification exercises into an online survey environment. The results will be instructive in understanding the destination's strengths and weaknesses and addressing them appropriately through enhanced marketing communications. Sports and Leisure Research Group works extensively with a variety of brands, destinations and properties to objectively assess and identify their unique selling propositions and maximize the impact of their marketing communications. Contact us to learn more

Minor League Marketing Yields Major League Results

As part of SLRG's ongoing research to measure the impact of onsite sports marketing activation, a research team recently conducted onsite return on investment testing for a brand among fans attending minor league baseball. The ensuing analysis, viewed in context with similar measurement at MLB games and among control samples of unexposed fans, yielded compelling insights regarding the resonance impact across differing venue types and different media. While the specific results of this research are proprietary to SLRG's client, the learnings were compelling and instructive to SLRG's growing body of sports marketing effectiveness assessment across a number of independent variables that ultimately impact ROO. The generic take- away...a sponsor can derive major impact and engagement advantages in minor league as well as major league markets. Sports and Leisure Research Group can help brands optimize their sports marketing investment, as well as support property efforts in demonstrating the value of their onsite programs. Contact us


Media Post's Marketing Sports:

Jon Last's monthly POVs on trends impacting sports marketing remain among the most highly read and re-tweeted regular features on Media Post's Marketing: Sports.

JULY: The July posting reveals the results of SLRG's first ever analysis and ranking of the overall fan experience across all 30 MLB ball parks. Take a look at how we developed the study, see if your stadium made the top five, and weigh in with your thoughts on how to improve upon our approach.

JUNE: Recent SLRG work not only provided insight on consumer behavior, but served as a well received case study on how new technology is improving the burgeoning field of observational research.

These pieces as well as previous columns and other SLRG media coverage can be found in the "Last Word" section of our website. Jon's columns post regularly on the second Tuesday of each month. You can receive immediate notifications by following him on Twitter

Upcoming Media Coverage:

Look for additional SLRG research featured in the Fall 2012 issue of Golf, Inc. and Quirk's Marketing Research Review's upcoming qualitative issue. You'll also find references to SLRG work in the "Know Your Customer" and "Connecting With Her" Playbooks being released by The PGA of America as part of their Golf 2.0 initiative.

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