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Complimentary Downloads-2013 PGA Show Presentations; Winter Sports Omnibus Findings now available at

"SLRG's 2013 Golf Market Outlook" was presented to a standing room only audience at Sports Illustrated Golf Group's January 24 annual breakfast at the recent PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. The presentation examines attitudinal, perceptual and consumption/participation trends from a January 2013 study of over 1,400 golfers, and also includes highlights from a multi-phase golf traveler study conducted on behalf of SI Golf Group. You can download a complimentary .pdf of the presentation, right here to learn more about what lies ahead for the golf industry in 2013-from the consumer's mindset.


Jon Last's PGA Fast Trak Panel Presentation to PGA members utilized recent SLRG research to uncover actionable strategies for golf facility operators to better understand the evolving needs of their customers. Specifically the presentation addressed participation inhibitors, critical success factors as well as ways to attract women and younger people to the game. A downloadable .pdf is available here.


SLRG's 2013 Winter Sports Omnibus is also available for download, and contains the perspectives of over 1,500 avid sports fans on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • A paradox in NFL fan perspectives on the issues of concussions and player safety
  • Trends and attitudes on contemporary issues in each of the major sports
  • Which sports are gaining and declining in popularity
  • Fan attitudes on new and prospective modifications to the NCAA football, MLB and NFL post seasons
  • How issues like competitive balance and player movement impact fan perceptions about MLB and the NBA
  • The best of the new breed NFL quarterbacks
  • How lingering concerns about the US economy will impact sports fan behavior over the coming months.

You can find it here

Recent SLRG Research of Interest:

SLRG Research Takes an Immersive Look at Golfer Travel

With general sports consumer attitudes trending bullish towards spending in the year ahead, two recent studies on golf related travel were particularly timely for SLRG clients. Partnering with Sports Illustrated Golf Group, SLRG conducted a multi-phase study that uncovered trends attitudes, key decision drivers and behaviors in selecting appropriate travel destinations. The findings specifically pinpointed unique variations in the process and consumer needs based on the type of trip being taken and those accompanying golfers on the vacation. Highlights from the study are included in the 2013 Golfer Trends presentation, available for download on the SLRG website.

Separately, SLRG partnered with a leading golf travel destination to uncover the attitudes, behaviors and perceptions of disparate groups of recent travelers towards the client destination and its competitive set. The research helped identify key brand attributes and target customer groups that could be leveraged in marketing communications. By analyzing the findings across various market segments, clients could see where variations in marketing communications emphasis could be best used to resonate with multiple audiences. Let us know how we can help optimize your understanding of key customer needs and comparative brand perceptions. Contact us


Media Post's Marketing Sports:

What Sports Marketers can Look Forward to in 2013

Last month's Media Post: Marketing Sports, speaks to a number of trends and developments that will affect the sports marketing landscape in the year ahead. You can read the piece, as well as previous columns here. Jon's columns post regularly on the second Tuesday of each month. You can find them on the SLRG website or receive immediate notifications by following @Jon_Last on Twitter.

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