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Download our Mid-Season Perspective on Trends and Insights in Sports Travel! 
This download features SLRG's mid-season perspective on sports travel for 2018 - learn about the sports traveler's outlook on the economy, vacation preferences and attitudes on travel related technology. Download the new whitepaper,  HERE. 

Last to Keynote 2018 Golf Inc. Strategies Summit:  
SLRG President, Jon Last, will be one of the keynote speakers at the 2018 Golf Inc. Strategies Summit in Carlsbad, CA on September 17th. The conference, which will run from September 17th-19th at the La Costa Resort and Spa, will feature many of the industry's leading innovators, investors and operators. Jon will share research driven perspectives on golf facility marketing and operational trends and lead a roundtable discussion featuring Erik Anderson (CEO & Chairman of TopGolf), Rand Jerris (Senior Managing Director of Public Services at the USGA) and Steve Ekovich (National Managing Director at Leisure Investment Properties Group, Marcus & Millichap). 

The Latest on Reaching Golf's Next Generation 
In a second Golf, Inc. Conference session, Michael Gregory, Senior manager at Global Golf Advisors will join SLRG's Last for a presentation that highlights recent research findings regarding golf and millennials. This session will speak to what the next generation of golfers want, dispel some popular generational myths and explore the similarities and differences in the mindsets of various generational cohorts. This session will also be held on September 17th.   
To find more information about those speaking at the 2018 Golf Inc Strategies Summit conference, click HERE.

To register for the conference or learn more details about the conference, click HERE.
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SLRG is often asked by clients and agencies to conduct "lunch and learns" to share our latest research about trends that are affecting sports marketing and the leisure market as a whole.  In mid-June, the firm will be making just such a presentation to help educate the creative and planning teams of a major agency on the latest sports market developments. If you are interested in hosting a lunch and learn, or would like further information on how we can help you and your team, contact us today HERE.

Leveraging Member and Audience Profiles to Enable Organizations to Better Monetize these Assets

We are often asked to help organizations define and develop member/customer profiles that can then be leveraged to position their constituents in the most favorable light. SLRG is presently working with two leading sports organizations to help them better understand and profile, their key constituents.  Utilizing a mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we are able to develop a holistic portrait and bring customers to life by providing an understanding of their affinity and engagement with the organization as part of their overall lifestyle.  Click to read more HERE
Impulse Purchases Are Also Part of a Customer Journey

Recent work in the sporting goods space, amplified o ur observation that even product categories that lend themselves to more of an impulsive purchase with less involvement, consideration or research, still follow certain fundamentals of the traditional purchase funnel. This particular project called for a research design that required us to get more embedded in the retail environment to understand what goes into decision making at the moment of truth. We pre-recruited a number of likely purchasers to take them through rigorous qualitative interviewing, while also observing their behaviors.  We augmented this with the creation of a simulated environment that forced the potential customer to evaluate product as they might in a real retail circumstance, limiting their time and product exposure to replicate the actual point of sale experience. Capturing all on digital video, such an exercise revealed a number of visceral and emotional aspects of visual merchandising that drive these types of purchases. The process created even more value-added data for the client, as we will next quantify these hypotheses that we learned, by building a similar virtual environment into an online survey. This same type of purchase process research can be embarked upon for you, either in a retail setting, digitally, or both.  Let us know how we can help HERE.

POV: What Happens Now?  Sports Gambling and Casinos
In the middle of May, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the 1992 federal law that effectively banned commercial sports betting in most states, opening the door to legalizing an estimated $150 billion in annual illegal wagering on professional and amateur sports.  As the states contemplate their go to market strategies, bettors will soon have myriad legal options, beyond Las Vegas casinos and offshore wagering operations. 
Across the country, casinos are eager to offer sports betting as gaming options for their customers and will need to prepare themselves to best exploit the new opportunities.  From our perspective as a firm that conducts research in both the sports and gaming space, we anticipate the opening of a whole new set of opportunities to leverage fan and bettor insights.  In particular, we see the new paradigm accelerating what has already been a recent and rapid migration towards the integration of more robust and analytics driven behavioral data with traditional research driven windows into the mindset of the sports fan market.  As sports properties try to understand and leverage these new opportunities, it will be tantamount to deploy a rigorous and methodologically sound process to avoid drowning in data, while parsing out the most actionable and sound insights. We stand ready to assist current and new clients in tapping into what will surely be a plethora of available information. Contact us today, to see how we can help you HERE.
In the May 2018 Marketing Insider, SLRG's Jon Last examines the broader potential impact of Anheuser Busch's recently announced move to incorporate performance incentives into its sports marketing partnerships.   Read it here.

In Media Post's Marketing Insider, SLRG President and incurable Tennessee Titans fan, Jon Last speaks to how his favorite NFL team's recent uniform unveil, pressed all the right buttons for successful sports marketing activation. This may have helped Nashville land the 2019 NFL draft.. Click here to read it.
In the Summer issue of By Design, SLRG's Benchmark "Market Trend Watch" study highlights reveal the most desired aspects of golf facility renovation, as well as the most critical drivers of the decision process for both public and private courses. READ IT HERE.


In the June issue of PGA Magazine, select findings from SLRG's 2018 golf market outlook show the importance of PGA Professionals in the equipment purchasing process for avid golfers. More detailed findings and the article that was published in the June issue, can be downloaded HERE
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