E-Newsletter   |  DECEMBER 2017
Best Holiday Wishes from Sports and Leisure Research Group
One of the great paradoxes about getting older is that each passing year becomes a smaller percentage of the total years of your life.  Take it for a marketing researcher to lead off with that one, but as I compose our tenth annual end of year holiday message, I can't believe where all the time has gone, and simultaneously feel like we've been doing this forever. Delivering fresh and custom insights to our clients and friends in the sports, travel and leisure industries continues to fuel my insatiable appetite for learning, traveling and adding collective experiences that can inform our work. We are blessed with a great group of clients, staff, partners and friends, and this is a time to thank all of you who've contributed to our success and growth.  It's also a time to reflect on the past ten years and stoke the fires that keep us thirsting for more.  I've never been one to feel comfortable with blatant solicitations, but I urge those of you who we haven't spoken with directly, in some time, to reach out and tell us what you are doing. What keeps you up at night?  I won't try to sell you anything, but hopefully we can find a way in the year ahead to partner together and help you better understand your customers, your competition or other opportunities that can make next year your best year ever.
In early 2018 we'll continue a tradition of rolling out brand new, forward thinking golf, sports and travel industry research drawn from our annual sports omnibus study, just fielded with over 2,000 respondents who are sports fans and participants.  Our golf industry friends can look forward to joining us again at our annual Sports Illustrated Golf Group Trends breakfast at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show.  We'll also join our friends at the American Society of Golf Course Architects to deliver our inaugural Golf Facilities Market Watch, both at the PGA and Golf Industry Shows. Invitations and further information on both of these events will be included in our January News and Views e-Newsletter.
We are in an era of greater attitudinal polarization, exacerbated by a continuing proliferation of conversation and reportage across both digital and traditional media. With this overflow of information and misinformation, I believe that the need is greater than ever to leverage marketing research to better understand the what, how and why; and to step outside our own comfort zones and echo chambers.  Yet concurrently, all of the battles for our attention behoove us to find more compelling and often more succinct ways to deliver insights, without sacrificing quality and rigor in the process.  It remains our commitment to rise to this challenge within the sports, travel, media and leisure industries as time and cost efficiently as possible.
On behalf of the entire SLRG team, I'd like to offer sincere thanks to all who have been a part of our "extended family" and wish all of our friends a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018.     
Warmest Regards,
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