E-Newsletter   |  DECEMBER 2018
Best Holiday Wishes from Sports and Leisure Research Group
It's only fitting that I draft this year's holiday note from an airplane as I often evoke one of George Clooney's lines from the film "Up in the Air" as I traverse this great land in pursuit of insights to support our clients. In the iconic scene where Clooney's character crosses a threshold of lifetime miles flown, his airplane seat mate (a celebrity pilot for his airline of choice) asks him where he is from. Clooney's character's deadpan reply is, "I'm from up here."

There's a lot of metaphorical poignancy in that scene. Yes, the road warrior lifestyle is one that I can relate to. But in total candor, it's a life that I relish. I've always believed that one can grow stale, absent the opportunity to be out and about. As researchers a core element of our firm's mission is to seek deeper understanding of the markets that we study. Tantamount to that is a willingness to get dirty, roll up the sleeves and immerse ourselves in the lives of consumers and constituents that our clients rely on as customers. One can't accomplish that from the perch of an ivory tower.  

That's why we often advocate a mixed modality approach to our studies, when client budgets and insights objectives allow for us to physically get in the field and personally, see hear and become immersed in the sports and leisure space. That's why all aspects of every project involve the direct involvement of myself and other SLRG Senior partners. Finally, that's why Clooney's reference also serves as a thoughtful reminder that to do great research we can't afford to only be "from up here," but requires a realistic application of not only data, but direct observation and contemplation of the context behind it.  

As I've often written in MediaPost, other journals and this newsletter, the nature of one's focus on the industry or product category in which we specialize is a double edge sword...we often know too much and assume that our target customers are just as locked in as we are. Good research imperatively removes those blinders.

So, now into our second decade, Sports and Leisure Research Group maintains its core mission to provide poignant and pragmatic insights and understanding for our valued clients. We look forward to the opportunity to deploy both cutting edge newer research modalities and to continue to embed ourselves in various sports and travel venues in an ongoing labor of love that fosters lifelong learning. I am grateful for those on our SLRG team who continue to share these values and remain committed to put in the tireless effort and dedication that makes our mission a reality. At this often reflective time of year I am again humbled by and thankful for the clients who entrust us with the opportunity to serve them.

My Kindest wishes for a joyous holiday season and a prosperous new year.

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