E-Newsletter   |  DECEMBER 2019
Best Holiday Wishes from Sports and Leisure Research Group
As I sit to write this year's holiday musings, I find myself ensconced in my office for only the seventh day since mid October.  It has certainly been a whirlwind of activity over the past two months, but I wouldn't want it any other way.  I've always maintained that to do effective marketing research, one must be out in the market.  We're blessed in our work to have the opportunity to gain a holistic perspective of the verticals that we study.  

We're thankful that our clients afford us the opportunity to do our best work on their behalf.  And as we enter the "new roaring '20's", it seems that more than ever, the pursuit of empirical truth is even more challenged than it has ever been. The proliferation of media and commentary can often cast a false spotlight on those who speak the loudest, or those who seek to supersize or out sensationalize the others.  Good marketing research, for me, has always been about truth and proper perspective.  It has been about finding the right and appropriate framework from which to seek that truth, and deploying the most cutting edge and appropriate methodologies that can harness it into actionable strategies for our clients.  

There are no short cuts.  There are no cookie cutter approaches or magic boxes.  There is no alternative but to approach each insights challenge with a set of fresh eyes, burning curiosity and an unwavering commitment to finding the right approach and putting in the hard work.

So, while time flies by, that commitment never grows old.  It's what will continue to drive all of us at Sports and Leisure Research Group, and what will hopefully drive each of you to reach out to us as we continue to embed ourselves in various sports and travel venues in an ongoing labor of love that fosters lifelong learning. I remain grateful for all on our SLRG team, my own family and for our clients that continue to trust in us and challenge us to be our very best on their behalf.  And while I hope that I never will desire to slow down the frenetic pace, I will always value the spirit that the holidays affords for us to reflect and thank God for our many blessings and to renew our commitment to living a principled life in pursuit of truth, continuous learning and wonder.

My kindest wishes for a joyous holiday season and a prosperous new year.

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