A New Model for Media

The Challenge:

A leading vertical interest magazine faced fierce price competition from its main competitor. It’s rival utilized a combination of syndicated data to create a perception of audience quality parity, and then closed sales on price. To combat this, the media needed an edge to demonstrate greater value and efficiency to advertisers, and sought meaningful added value to drive paging.

The Solution:

  • The media brand recognized that the CMOs of their client companies were considering this vertical category because they were convinced that this audience was a prime target for their products and services.
  • At the same time, the media brand realized that these same advertisers were turning to other resources to help them better understand how to best communicate with this target and test the marketing efficacy of their products, services and messaging against them
  • By leveraging the existing relationship with its subscribers, the medium delivered a turn-key marketing research consulting solution that transformed their relationship with clients from simply a seller of space, to a true marketing partner…and the research was attached to over $30million in paid advertising commitments, annually.