For more than 20 years, the principals of Sports and Leisure Research Group have coupled an acute understanding of the sports, travel and leisure markets with a classical marketing research approach to combine market insights with actionable strategies.

Sports and Sporting Goods

Sports and Leisure Research Group works with an extensive group of leagues, governing bodies, teams, sponsors and properties to garner greater insight into fan and participant behavior, motivations and preferences. From aiding in the development of new programs, services and onsite amenities to evaluating and identifying the best ways to resonate with key constituencies, SLRG steps to the plate with an innovative and customized research approach.

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Consumer connections can drive participation towards or away from various leisure activities. SLRG has the ability to understand key motivations and their impact in driving behavior.

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Consumers are overwhelmed with choice when it comes to making travel decisions. Vacation time is as much of a precious commodity as cost, and SLRG works closely with a variety of destinations and properties to help them better differentiate themselves in this cluttered marketplace.

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Real Estate Development

The successful marketing model for amenity real estate has transformed as baby boomers age and the next generation of target customers enter the marketplace. SLRG has deployed successful research to help clients better understand what consumers are looking for in a real estate development as well as how lifestyle issues and personal values affect consumer choices.

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The digital age has created a proliferation of media choices, making it even more complex to evaluate and understand consumption patterns and their impact on advertising effectiveness. Sports and Leisure Research Group is adept at uncovering the interplay between these media mix elements, and relies heavily on experimental design to help clients recognize and demonstrate that it isn’t always how many “eyeballs” you reach, but the quality of the audience and the impact of marketing messaging and content in creating effective engagement. This, in turn, leads to smarter media decisions and more impactful use of that media to drive home the right message.

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