Sports and Sporting Goods

Sports and Leisure Research Group works with an extensive group of leagues, governing bodies, teams, sponsors and properties to garner greater insight into fan and participant behavior, motivations and preferences. From aiding in the development of new programs, services and onsite amenities to evaluating and identifying the best ways to resonate with key constituencies, SLRG steps to the plate with an innovative and customized research approach.

Case Study

In two recent circumstances, major governing bodies in professional sports retained SLRG to help them better understand how to attract and retain the next generation of fans. Through a combination of primary and secondary research, quantitative research, and in depth youth fan interviews, SLRG was able to profile the market, size the opportunity, and gain a better understanding of those key attractors and detractors. This helped both of these organizations to create more effective programming and marketing messaging. In both cases, the research led these organizations to enhance marketing communications and program deployment that drove greater involvement and commitment among young people.

Sporting Goods

For leading sporting goods manufacturers and retailers, SLRG helps clients to understand consumer perceptions, purchase process behaviors and their emotional connection to brand messaging and communications. Whether its product concept testing, an immersive look at the impact of visual merchandising and packaging or assessment of athlete needs and responsiveness to new equipment, SLRG works with leading organizations to better position themselves for market success.

Case Study

A major equipment manufacture hypothesized that their brand messaging was not being optimized at retail, thus driving consumer-purchasing decisions towards a competitor’s product. SLRG was hired to view shoppers in a natural environment to understand their in-store behaviors and ultimate buying decisions. With the research conducted, the client was able to enhance their trade promotions, while developing a more resonant marketing platform that considered a variety of consumer touch points along their purchase process journey.