About Us

For more than 20 years, the principals of Sports and Leisure Research Group have coupled an acute understanding of the sports, travel and leisure markets with a classical marketing research approach to combine market insights with actionable strategies.

In an age where marketers need to understand the mindset of the consumer, Sports and Leisure Research Group plays the pivotal role of providing marketing professionals with the most extensive customized research and consulting services available. We have the skill, knowledge, and access to the latest data and information available to guide your thinking. Our expertise allows you to take a more creative and strategic approach to advertising research, product development testing, target market analysis and sales support research.

Working together, we will determine your objectives, select the best methods for gaining information, execute the research, analyze and interpret the results and recommend specific action. We offer full service market research capabilities including focus groups, mail surveys, telephone surveys, internet research and one-on-one interviews.

Now more than ever, marketers need to understand the mindset of the consumer to build effective marketing strategies. Sports and Leisure Research Group delivers the insights to help you to connect with a select group of distinctive individuals in this affluent, influential and informed target market.