Consumers are overwhelmed with choice when it comes to making travel decisions. Vacation time is as much of a precious commodity as cost, and SLRG works closely with a variety of destinations and properties to help them better differentiate themselves in this cluttered marketplace.

Case Study

A very popular beach destination had seen a falloff in visitation in recent years.  The client sought out SLRG to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the market was perceived relative to other competitive destinations so as to better position itself in a more resonant way with their target market. SLRG developed and conducted a series of in depth focus groups, with both acceptors and rejecters of the destination, augmented with a comprehensive quantitative online study that sought to reevaluate awareness levels, perceptions, and vacation planning habits to better inform the client as to better position themselves and stand apart in the market place.   A concise and differentiated creative brief was developed that enabled the destination to refresh its marketing approach and generate better marketing communications that resulted in increased bookings.