The digital age has created a proliferation of media choices, making it even more complex to evaluate and understand consumption patterns and their impact on advertising effectiveness. Sports and Leisure Research Group is adept at uncovering the interplay between these media mix elements, and relies heavily on experimental design to help clients recognize and demonstrate that it isn’t always how many “eyeballs” you reach, but the quality of the audience and the impact of marketing messaging and content in creating effective engagement. This, in turn, leads to smarter media decisions and more impactful use of that media to drive home the right message.

Case Study

A media company and its advertising client needed to better understand the efficacy of an in game activation relative to traditional television advertising.  SLRG was called in to create a comprehensive test that evaluated the efficacy of the advertisement. SLRG had to gauge how effective the advertising was,  and if the consumers saw the brand better aligned with their core values after exposure.  An on site team of interviewers intercepted fans pre and post exposure, coupled with a similar measure against a control sample of television viewers that were in the same market.  Results were analyzed and compared to gauge the impact across these different populations and whether those exposed to the advertisement truly transformed their perceptions of the brand.  Results of this research rendered  a double-digit increase in brand awareness and a positive association to the brand relative to its competitors, that demonstrated the effectiveness of the in-game promotion and yielded insights towards optimizing future activations.