Real Time Continuous Tracking to Keep a Pulse on Operational Effectiveness

Continuous customer experience tracking surveys are a great way for leisure destinations to not only assess overall satisfaction, but to identify operational strengths and weaknesses. These continuous tracking efforts reveal key drivers of overall satisfaction and their impact on customer loyalty and continued visitation. By having this continuous tracking of satisfaction amongst your customers, the client is able to manage the long-term impact on customer retention and loyalty. Recent efforts on behalf of our clients also illustrate how a continuous flow of this information can not only inform different operating departments, but also, when melded with transactional data, provide great guidance to tailor marketing communications with the particular behavioral nuances of most valued customers

At SLRG, we have identified key operational areas to track that are critical to a client’s success. These performance measures are typically based across multiple operational areas that we have identified, such as, food and beverage or parking, which are weighted for their importance. By aggregating the departmental scores and weighting the contribution of each department, we arrive at an overall performance index, which can be accessed in real time by a client through a secure online dashboard, with varying levels of access for the client’s operating staff and senior management. This dashboard allows department heads to take a closer look at both overall performance trends and the components driving that performance. For one specific leisure client, it may be restaurant staff, valet parking, or front desk personnel that are driving overall performance. For sports teams or venues this may include ushers, ticketing or concessions. While ideally and typically most trackers of this nature show consistency, the fact that department heads are able to monitor their performance scores in real time and on a granular scale, enables prompt corrective action, should service levels lapse.

In real time, the client can observe the impact of specific operations on overall guest satisfaction and behaviors, as the research can integrate directly with the transactional database. A simple transactional database can evaluate and segment guests based on their recency and frequency of visitation, as well as their spending levels.  By looking at these behaviors, we are able to relate someone’s evaluations to how they spend their time at a property. The research now adds a layer of attitudinal assessment to each guest’s onsite experience, thus providing greater insight into future behaviors and pinpointing operational and marketing opportunities to enhance the guest relationship. Learn more, on how we can do this for you, here.