February 2015

Complimentary Downloads—2015 PGA Show Golfer Segmentation and Market Outlook; Winter Sports Omnibus Findings; Golf Marketing Trend Watch now available at Sportsandleisureresearch.com

OmnibusSLRG’s 2015 Winter Sports Omnibus is also available for download, and contains the perspectives of over 1,500 avid sports fans on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • How 2/3 of NBA fans do not want to see college freshmen jump straight into the pro ranks after just one season of play.
  • A continuing paradox in NFL fan concerns on the issues of concussions and player safety, coupled with an insatiable appetite for more football.
  • How the overwhelming majority of fans still prefer “being there” to watching at home, when it comes to live sports.
  • Trends and attitudes on contemporary issues in each of the major sports.
  • Which sports are gaining and declining in popularity.
  • How issues like competitive balance, instant replay and player movement impact fan perceptions about MLB and the NBA.
  • Fan perceptions on the future potential of this year’s crop of incoming rookie NFL quarterbacks.
  • How lingering concerns about the US economy will impact sports fan behavior over the coming months.

You can find it here.

Market Outlook“SLRG’s 2015 Golfer Segmentation and Market Outlook” was presented to a standing room only audience at Sports Illustrated Golf Group’s January 21 annual breakfast at the recent PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. The presentation examines attitudinal, perceptual and consumption/participation trends from a January 2015 study of over 1,000 golfers, and also includes highlights from a multi-phase behavioral segmentation study, conducted on behalf of SI Golf Group. The segmentation findings identify and profile those 5.1 million golfers that will drive 75% of the market in the near term. You can download a complimentary .pdf of the presentation, right here to learn more about what lies ahead for the golf industry in 2015—from the consumer’s mindset.

Trend WatchJon Last’s PGA Marketing Trend Watch Presentation to PGA members utilized recent SLRG research to uncover actionable strategies for golf facility operators to better understand and meet the evolving needs of their customers. A downloadable .pdf is available here.

SPEAKER’S CORNER: SLRG’s Last to Address Sports Travel and Tourism Trends

WebinarIn the hyper-competitive battle for share of customer, savvy travel marketers have begun to recognize the value of active, experience seeking sports enthusiasts. As both participants and spectators, this target has shown to consistently outspend the average in market visitor. Join Sports and Leisure Research Group President Jon Last as he reviews a number of research driven consumer insights and their implications for those marketing sports related travel as the featured presenter for the Travel and Tourism Research Association’s webinar series on February 25 at 2pm ET. Those interested in participating in the webinar should contact Rita at rbrummett@ttra.com to register or learn more.