December 2014

I sit down to write this year’s holiday reflection from yet another airport as I look back on what has been an invigorating and memorable 2014. I’m truly thankful for all the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met and the clients we’ve had the honor to work with. The holidays remain a special moment where one gets to briefly pause and simultaneously process the past while eagerly anticipating what is still to come. These past twelve months have been the busiest and most successful in our firm’s seven-year history. But as I’ve always believed, inertia breeds stagnation. As one charged with understanding consumer sentiment, it’s imperative to be “out there.” With each new engagement comes both insights and a fueling of the desire to seek out the answers to newly surfaced questions. With the completion of one year comes the onset of another where it is our mission to continue expanding the limits of marketing research and strategic insight for our clients, as the verticals in which we work and the discipline of marketing research evolve at a rapid pace.

It’s easy in the realm of marketing and research to seek succinct generalizations. In a society that continues to be driven by a proliferation of information sources, it’s ever more important to be able to see past the hype and sensationalistic and get to the essence of what people are really thinking and how that impacts their behavior and our respective businesses. That’s part of what makes this such an exciting and dynamic moment to work in the sports, media and travel verticals. It’s also what makes this such an intriguing time to be in the business of sorting through the abundance of data and potential touchpoints to deliver the right type of actionable insights for our clients. Last year I wrote that we were at an inflection point, where vast reconfigurations of the marketplace and consumer mindset, begat thoughtful planning and flawless execution. That, coupled with our insatiable curiosity will continue to be at the heart of how Sports and Leisure Research Group continues to service the needs of current and future clients alike.

As has become customary, we’ll start the new year with the release of an intriguing new study that will shed fresh perspective on the behavioral and attitudinal composition of the golf market. With so much going on in the world of sports marketing, we’ll also deliver the latest installment of our ongoing sports omnibus study that we’ll launch right after the first of the year, providing another look into the mindset of sports fans across the country. Golf industry partners and friends should mark Wednesday January 21st and Thursday January 22nd on the calendar for our annual research breakfast sponsored by Sports Illustrated Golf Group and a trends presentation as part of the PGA Education Symposium, respectively. Both sessions will take place at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show.

In the months that follow, we’ll continue to work on behalf of clients across multiple sports, to better understand the desires of fans seeking to optimize their in-game and sports media experiences, while simultaneously keeping a pulse on consumer travel demands and preferences. We’ll look forward to helping sports properties and activating brands improve the efficacy of their sports marketing efforts and the resonance of their messaging.

I hope that all of you enjoy the blessings of the holidays with family and friends. We are so appreciative of your continued friendship and support, and wish you a 2015 replete with good health, prosperity and happiness.