Assessing Brand Resonance Amidst the “Madness”

One of the methodologies SLRG has become quite proficient in, with direct experience at venues across the country, has been pre/post efficacy testing of brands activating at premier sports events. March was a busy time for the research team, as SLRG made their way across multiple NCAA Men’s Basketball Conference Tournaments s to evaluate the resonance of different activations in what can be often be a cluttered space. Critical to the success of these projects, is the ability to obfuscate the testing brand within a relevant completive set of other activating brands, as well as other competitive brands within the sponsor’s specific category. This methodology can enable the client to not only ascertain breakthrough across the environment of other activating brands, but to also see if prospective target customers’ perceptions, awareness, and attitudes experience a lift relative to those they compete with day to day.

SLRG deploys teams of professional researchers that immerse themselves within the live environment, first capturing data during the pre exposed phase, and then intercepting a demographically and behaviorally identical random sample of fans after exposure, both within the environment, and then several weeks later to understand the accumulation and retention of the brand messages. Critical to deriving actionable and projectable insights is a carefully constructed sampling and quota plan that assures representativeness rather than a simple convenience sample, rendered by fixed location kiosks or other non random, quotated sampling. We deploy a technique that is truly brand blind, and representative of those that could be potentially exposed to the activation for honest and actionable insights. There are also multiple survey iterations and inclusion of “placebos” to eliminate response bias. Through this research, the brand can understand how effectively their activation is engaging the fan, changing their perceptions, and creating demand. See how we can do this for you, today!