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June/July 2014

Complimentary Downloads � Golf Market TrendWatch; Championing Your Brand Through Sports Sponsorship white papers now available at Sportsandleisureresearch.com


�SLRG’s Golf Market Trendwatch� was delivered by SLRG President Jon Last in early June as the keynote presentation at The International Network of Golf Annual Conference. The presentation diffuses some of the recent negative press on the state of the golf industry and prescribes twelve specific strategies that can help golf industry marketers grow their business. The presentation culls findings from several recent SLRG consumer and industry studies and received multiple positive reviews in the golf industry trade media. You can download a complimentary .pdf of the presentation, right here to learn more about what will be necessary to maintain a competitive advantage in the present climate.


�Championing Your Brand Through Sports Sponsorship� was the opening presentation of the Financial Communications Society’s April Breakfast Symposium. Jon Last’s presentation speaks to how brands across industries can optimize the return on their sports marketing investment and avoid the pitfalls of poorly executed and improperly measured sponsorship activation. You can download a copy here.

Speaker's Corner:

Jon Last

Other recent appearances for SLRG partners include President Jon Last’s keynote presentation at Florida’s First Coast of Golf luncheon held in May during the Tournament Players Championship and an April appearance on Wharton’s Sports Business Show on Sirius Radio. At the TPC, Last shared several of the findings of recent proprietary work with Sports Illustrated Golf Group on golfer media consumption patterns. The radio appearance afforded commentary and perspective on the state of the golf industry.

Recent SLRG Research of Interest

Jon Last Jon Last Jon Last

SLRG Takes Immersive Looks at Sports Media Consumption

How do sports fans consume and follow their favorite teams and events in an era that has seen an explosion of new media platforms and ubiquitous public creation of content? The Sports and Leisure Research Group team has had ample opportunity to study this rapidly evolving environment, and several recent engagements with major sports and entertainment properties have cast an even greater light into the current state of fan behavior and messaging impact. SLRG has deployed multi-phase methodological approaches that have allowed our researchers to observe fan cross platform media consumption in both real and simulated environments, through observational research, virtual tag alongs and via adaptive survey research and experimental design. While the rich nuances of fan behavior and hierarchical preference of content and platform vary by property, day-part and audience segment, one common thread across these studies remains that for those sports fans truly engaged in a team or property, digital media is additive rather than disruptive to traditional consumption channels. This means that advertisers and brands that are trying to engage the attention of target audiences through sports, must be mindful of the form and content of their messaging and how it can best compliment the specific media environment being leveraged.

Of course, this discussion would be incomplete without the acknowledgement of the unique place that the actual in-game, live sports environment plays in creating a platform that can truly resonate among an audience of captive and engaged fans. Similar to the finding of recent SLRG research for a non-sports, live entertainment property, �native advertising� takes on an even greater meaning and greater impact, when well integrated into what may be one of the few remaining distraction free media environments. Live sports continues to meet that criteria.

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There has been much public banter that golf is suffering from an unstoppable decline in participation; that golf courses are shuttering their doors at a bristling pace and that the traditions, pace and foundations of the game are at odds with a millennial generation that will scorn it forever in favor of taking selfies and posting video game screen shots to Instagram, well into their middle age. That is far from the case. READ FULL ARTICLE


Media Post’s Marketing Sports: Pay Attention To Me! Why �Participatory Fandom� Can Be A Game Changer

In his March 2014 column, SLRG President Jon Last speaks to the impact and importance of good customer relationship marketing strategies in sports. Read it here.

Media Post’s Marketing Sports: Hope Springs Eternal: Lessons From Opening Day

SLRG President Jon Last’s April Media Post Marketing: Sports speaks to how baseball’s opening day is a microcosm of sports marketing, in general. The annual rite of passage reminds us of some of the key potential differentiating aspects that live sports provides. Read it here.

Media Post’s Marketing Sports: A Brand Roadmap For Optimizing Relationships

In his May 2014 posting, SLRG President Jon Last lays out a critical path of considerations and steps that any marketer must take prior to launching a relationship with a sports property. You can read the piece, as well as previous columns here. Jon’s columns post regularly on the second Tuesday of each month. You can find them on the SLRG website or receive immediate notifications on Twitter, by following him, here.

CNBC: NHL Dream:

The recently completed Stanley Cup Finals brought together teams from the nation�s top two media markets. SLRG President Jon Last offered his perspective on CNBC.com. Read it here.

The Sky is Not Falling:

A Review and summary of SLRG President Jon Last’s June keynote address at the ING Annual Conference speaks to some of the key steps that marketers can take to remain competitive and win the share battles in today�s golf marketplace. Read it here.

Macali Communications Blog:

A recent feature item on Sports and Leisure Research Group included highlights of the firm’s approach towards consultative, action oriented marketing research. You can read it here.