Nearly 8 out of 10 vaccinated Americans back vaccine passport

America has a new divide — those vaccinated versus those not.

And according to a new survey shared with Secrets, the growing number of Americans vaccinated are ready to shun those who haven’t been from traveling or events.

The latest update to the Back-to-Normal Barometer that surveys Americans and businesses about the coronavirus crisis found that 75% of those vaccinated want people to show proof of it before flying, attending movies, or sporting events.

They also would support businesses that bar those with no proof. It said that 70% “are comfortable with non-vaccinated customers being barred from activities.”

vax 1.png

While it is unclear if U.S. businesses will require proof of vaccination, some European countries are looking at a vaccination passport or travel certificate.

The survey, the latest in a series featured in Secrets, came as states are ramping up vaccinations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Wednesday that 73 million have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

“We’ve uncovered a lightning rod of implications for non-vaccinated Americans who want to return to activities like flying, attending a sporting event, or going to the movies. This could mean a tough road ahead for them as they try to navigate this new normal of American life,” said Ron Bonjean, a founding partner at ROKK Solutions.

ROKK is one of the Barometer’s sponsors. The others are Sports & Leisure Research Group and Engagious. The surveys are shared with businesses plotting their return to normal.

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The survey also found a new pushback on Washington’s demands to maintain COVID-19 protocols after most are vaccinated.

It said that 63% believe that the government “should get out of the way of dictating the size of outside-the-home gatherings once COVID-19 vaccines are available to everyone who wants one.”

Rich Thau, president of Engagious, said, “A majority of our survey respondents also want the government to stop telling them how to live their lives.”

And Jon Last, president of Sports & Leisure Research Group, said that Americans have COVID-19 fatigue. Now, with vaccines finally taking root, he said, “Americans have ‘Spring Fever!’”