POV: The Influentials

The book, The Influentials by Keller and Berry conducted a decade of research and found that “one American in ten tells the other nine how to vote, where to eat, and what to buy.” There’s a group of people who are responsible for driving trends, influencing mass opinions and most importantly, creating demand for great products. These people are called the “Influentials.” The research found that 10% of Americans determine how the rest consume and live by chatting about their likes and dislikes.

Influentials have become an intriguing component of the sports market and a number of niche brands have utilized custom research to gain a better understanding of their role within a variety of vertical categories. At SLRG, we are able to identify and tap into the attitudes and behaviors of these influencers for various sports clients. Whether it is measuring the exponential impact that a small group of influencers may have against a broader target segment, determining the nature and extent to which influencers actually communicate their preferences and insights to others less inclined, or a combination of both, effective research is the ideal way to help brands develop and cultivate the appropriate influencer marketing strategy. To assess the impact of influencers for your brand, or to find the best influencers for your brand, contact us today.