Recent Research of Interest: Fan Insights Fuel Innovation in Sports Venue Renovations

SLRG has had the good fortune of partnering with a number of stadiums, arenas and halls of fame facilities that have been focusing on enhancing the on site experience for their valued guests. The sports venue industry has certainly seen a trend towards building technology enabled social spaces. These public spaces face the challenge of providing a mix of comfort amenities, enhanced food and beverage offerings and a modern ambience all while staying true to the core values of the team and the sport in question. Amidst changing consumer values and demographics and an acute focus on cultivating the next generation of fans, these properties are engaged in a heightened battle for share of customer as new paradigms may be shifting consumer needs and demands. It is within this environment that sports venues seek a deeper and projectable understanding of that demand. Firms like ours are called in to take a pulse of this demand and to test and expose activation concepts at various stages of development. This can include optimizing the food and beverage mix, building out social spaces that appeal to families, millennials and other target segments.

Recently, we worked with a popular sports related museum to help management prioritize and take a hierarchical examination of key amenities and attractions. At SLRG, marketing research gives our clients an opportunity to look at their guests’ motivations, decision drivers and behaviors that lead to more frequent visitation, and greater guest satisfaction. Soundly designed research can also assess the resonance and potential value of concepts being contemplated to enhance the experience. We have worked from a vantage point that has allowed our firm to understand market demand and guest needs for a variety of iconic sports and “destination” brands across the sports and hospitality space. Often times there are transferrable lessons that can be applied from horizontal sectors such as the resort and travel category that have impactful application for sports venues. Learn how we can help you do this for your property, too. Contact us, today.