Recent Research of Interest: Leveraging Member and Audience Profiles to Enable Organizations to Better Monetize these Assets

We are often asked to help organizations define and develop member/customer profiles that can then be leveraged to position their constituents in the most favorable light. SLRG is presently working with two leading sports organizations to help them better understand and profile, their key constituents. Utilizing a mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we are able to develop and illustrate a holistic portrait bring their customers to life and providing an understanding of their affinity and engagement with the organization as part of their overall lifestyle.

Through survey research, we are able to collect and analyze demographics, behaviors, as well as, a battery of attitudinal awareness and perception measures, that can illustrate the value of these relationships. By creating such a portrait, we are typically able to personify an organization’s members or constituents as affluent, active and attractive to sponsors and other partner organizations that might infuse revenues into these client organizations. Our qualitative work adds a deeper understanding of the why, providing breadth to the survey findings, while surfacing key issues, motivations and untapped needs that can support the survey effort. A key component of qualitative interviews or focus groups includes eliciting constituents’ emotional connection to an organization, with appropriate probing to get at motivations behind their attitudes, behaviors and consideration process. SLRG uses a variety of projective techniques that elicit the emotional triggers that drive consumer behaviors and preferences, as well as provide rich verbatim content that will enhance study results by literally adding the voice of the customer through digital video captured and incorporates that into our final reports.

A thorough primary research initiative can be critical in filling the knowledge gaps, identifying variations across customers or members, and identifying current levels of awareness, perceptions and engagement for key opportunity segments. Through an understanding of these profiles, organizations can better identify its audience to create impactful programming and communication strategies that can grow their constituent base or solidify the value proposition of the organization for current members or customers. Contact us today, to learn how we can do this for you.