Six-in-10 OK with businesses banning unvaccinated from entering

Businesses are finding strong support for requiring customers and others to prove they’ve been vaccinated for the coronavirus before entering, just like some nations are requiring of travelers.

In the latest test of attitudes, 57% said that businesses should be allowed to ban people who haven’t been vaccinated once it becomes widely available, as a move to protect staff.

“Businesses that want to keep their employees and employers safe have a right to ban customers who refuse to get vaccinated from entering,” said the latest “Back to Normal Barometer,” a business-focused survey that Secrets has been following since the pandemic hit.

biz vacc.png

“Now that a vaccine is available, many Americans want it quickly so they can get back to their normal activities and want businesses to be able to keep those who choose not to get it out of their places of work,” said Ron Bonjean, a partner at ROKK Solutions. The survey is done for ROKK, Engagious, and Sports and Leisure Research Group.

The potential for a ban on the non-vaccinated would follow a pattern of companies and stores requiring the use of masks, typically required by state and local rules.

The Barometer has identified trends in public and business reactions to the virus, and the latest survey confirmed that both remain cautious about the spread.

And as with past surveys, also shared with Secrets, the latest Barometer found that there is division on how to deal with it.

In the new survey, for example, “a bare majority of 51% of Americans strongly agree with the statement, ‘I will definitely get a COVID-19 vaccine when it is available.’” That result comes despite repeated calls from public officials, the president, and Joe Biden that everybody should get it when available.

Still, among those ready to get vaccinated, 71% said they are eager to do it, led by those 65 and older and liberals.