Voice of the Customer Research Informs Sports Venue Renovations

SLRG is no stranger to working with sports and travel properties, seeking to understand and prioritize specific guest amenity needs, having executed custom studies for various venues. We recently began working with a new client on a multi-modal design study that will further evolve our approach to evaluate the unique and differentiating aspects of what is envisioned to become a truly unique space in the sports industry. Our team will first embed themselves within the client environment and immerse ourselves with current activation elements, experiencing them firsthand from our own vantage point. We’ll next deploy an “in the moment” deep, interrogative qualitative approach to speak with selective guests in the live setting. By capturing the customer in this environment, we are able to listen, observe and probe consumer opinions and elicit their emotional connection with the specific elements of this activation; a more effective means than solely having to rely upon respondents’ post exposure recall. But this is only the first phase of the research.

Once we have completed speaking with nearly 75+ guests, we will then deploy an online survey, informed by the initial qualitative findings. The survey will seek insight from respondents who have been exposed to the venue as well as those of a similar demographic and attitudinal profile, who have not been exposed. While the survey is in the field with these segments, SLRG will also deploy the same survey live and onsite for new guests while they are visiting and experiencing the activation. By collecting information from guests across each of these segments, we’ll open the client to look at the impact of its guest experience from a variety of different time junctures, running the gamut from in the moment, to recent memory, to uninformed perceptions. The opportunity to conduct a comprehensive marketing research study against target visitors can provide a look at guest motivations, decision influencers and behaviors that lead to the ultimate decision to visit. More importantly, this helps management understand what truly resonates among guests, so that they are well positioned to focus on these key areas in the future renovations. The approach has great application to a variety of sports and travel venues and attractions. Reach out to us today, to see how we can make the voice of the customer work for you.