Recent Research of Interest: Qual/Quant Approach Goes Beyond Surveys to Provide Time and Cost Efficient Sports and Travel Industry Insights

We often have clients approach us with the desire to elicit target consumer reactions and demand for potential new products or services. In instances where these brands have the desire to uncover both emotional and motivational reactions as well as derive more than a directional sense of demand and price elasticity, the ideal methodological approach suggests initial qualitative (focus groups/depth interviews/observational research and concept testing) followed by a projectable market demand and pricing study. But in today’s world of doing things quickly and within budget constraints, the luxury of such a process isn’t always feasible. A customized approach that we’ve recently applied for multiple client engagements, blends the best of both modalities.

This has often manifested itself in the deployment of 20-25 minute one-on-one face-to-face immersion sessions, where SLRG partners moderate a depth conversation, coupled with traditional price elasticity or configuration/optimization exercises typically utilized through online surveys. In sports, travel and media there are often accessible captive environments to conduct the research that coupled with an SLRG research team equipped with micro-digital video recorders, enable us to forego or reduce the time and cost of recruiting qualified respondents to central location facilities. Over the course of multiple days and multiple markets of face to face field work, we are able to capture data and reaction from stable bases of respondents over a similar time horizon deployed for traditional survey or qualitative work, at significantly less cost. By speaking to so many respondents, SLRG is able to run analytics and significance testing on these findings, as well as observe and capture respondent body language, eye movements, and emotions on video that is synthesized and edited into highlight reels, presented as part of the final reporting. Recent areas that we have completed this work for include, testing new digital products and a variety of sporting goods concepts. Contact us to learn how we can do this for you, here.